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Kindergarten News

Happy Spring Kindergarten Families!


We are now entering our last trimester of school and are very excited for what's to come.  We will be working with our Kindergartners with Opinion Writing during Writers Workshop.  We'll also be helping children reach their Reading Goal.  By the end of Kindergarten students should be at level C/D.  In math, children should be able to count to 100 by 1's and 10's, add and subtract within 10 and recognize and describe 2d and 3d objects.


We have a list of important dates that will take us up to the end of the school year.  We'll be adding or making changes, if necessary.


March 27th-March 31    Spring Break - No School

*April 6 - Secretary's Day

*April 18  - 21 Hoover's Performance of Aladdin

*May 1     -  Principal's Day

*May 1-5  -  Teacher Appreciation Week

*May  5    -   Cinco de Mayo Celebration - Kindergarten Performs 

*May 12   -  Mother's Day Tea 

*May 19   -  Kindergarten Fieldtrip to Tanaka Farms

*May 24   -  Open House

*May 25   -  Grandparent/Special Person Day

*May 29   -  No School - Memorial Day

*May 31   -  100 Books Club Celebration Party

*June 6    -  Field Day (Fun outdoor Activities)

*June 7    -  Kindergarten Promotion


Kindergarten APPS

Below is a list of some of the APPS that we use in our classrooms.


Teach Me - Kindergarten

Teach Me - First Grade

Little Writer

Spelling Bug

Phonics Farm

Number Flash

Math Slide 100

Number Rack

My Story





Welcome Kindergarteners

Dear Parents, 


Welcome!!! On August 17th, your child will experience one of the most important milestones in his/her life... the first day of Kindergarten!  Your child will have a full year of exciting learning experiences.  It is a new world for the kindergartner as he or she begins on the wonderful road of learning.


We place a high priority on parent involvement, so join us in helping make "your" school a true community!  It will be a most rewarding adventure for you and your child!


By the end of Kindergarten your child will:

* Identify all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet within one minute

* Master all consonant and short vowel sounds

* Recognize 67 High Frequency Words

* Read and write independently

* Read, write and count up to 30 (although, most children leaving kindergarten will write and count to 100)

* Simple addition and subtraction


As you can see, we have many skills to master.  To prepare your child for the busy year ahead, please work on the following:

* Write his or her name

* Identify and write numbers to 10

* Name and describe shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)

* Recognize primary colors

* Practice the letters and sounds of the alphabet


We are looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year with you and your child!

Contact Information

Mrs. Letty Mendoza

Room 1

Getting to Know

Mrs. Melanie Jones

Room 2

Getting to Know



Supply List

3 - Pack of glue sticks

1 - Large eraser

1 - Box of thick crayons (8-10 to a box)

1 - Box of thick markers

2 - Thin BLACK (Expo Brand) white board markers (also called dry erase markers)

1 - Box of facial tissue

1 - Pair of children scissors (not plastic)

1 - Package of white Xerox paper

1 - Box of band-aids

1 - Container of Clorox Wipes

Please do not send students with a backpack, they will be given a special homework folder.