Fourth Grade

Welcome Fourth Graders

Dear Parents and Future Fourth Graders, 


We, the 4th grade team, are looking forward to welcoming all of your children to our classroom in the fall!


There are quite a few items that ALL 4th grade students will need for the upcoming school year and there are also a handful of items that your child's teacher will request from your child the first week of school.  Each teacher will send home a specific classroom supply list the first week of school in order to differentiate to their classroom needs.  Please plan accordingly.


Please do not buy anything that is not on this list until your receive your child's individual supply list at the beginning of the school year.  You may also choose to wait until the first week of school to purchase supplies.  This way you will have your child's class list from his/her own teacher.  Thank you!

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Contact Information

Ms. Inez Robles

Room 12

Getting to Know

Mrs. Michelle Roger-Quoc

Room 18

Getting to Know

Mrs. Rachel Britto

Room 21

Getting to Know

Mrs. Amanda Bednarik

Room 21

Getting to Know


Supply List


1 - 2-inch notebook binder

4 - Spiral bound notebooks

1 - 4 x 4 Quad Rule spiral graph paper notebook

2 - 100 page Composition Journals

1 - Thin 3-hole punch (to keep in their binder)

6 - Boxes of Tissue

2 - Containers of Sanitizer Wipes

1 - Old Sock to to clean white boards

4 - Reams of Line Paper (Not college ruled)

Expo Markers (for class use - thick)


Ziploc bags (gallon and sandwich bag size)


The following should be included in their pencil pouch:

No. 2 Pencils (4)


Color Pencils


Glue stick or glue


Mini Stapler


4 THIN White Board Markers (Any color is fine)

A small silent sharpener with its case to catch shavings

Black or Blue Ball Point Pens